Why Can Not Improve Vulcanizing Temperature Infinitely ?

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Just same as all the chemical reactions , vulcanization reaction will be speeded up along with the temperature

rising ,and generally applicable to Van 't hoff's law, that is ,reaction speed will be doubled once temperature

increased by 8~10 degree(equivalent of about steam pressure of a gage pressure);or can say , the reaction time

will be reduced by 1/2.

Along with the increase of RTV and birth  of HTV ,curing temperature heads for two extremes.

From the point of improving vulcanization efficiency ,people ought to think the vulcanization temperature ,the higher,

the better ,while in fact , we can not improve VT infinitely .

First of all , it is blocked by low thermal conductivity of rubber . For some thick products ,HTV is hard to make both

inner and outer layer rubber to be up to flat range at the same time .

Secondly , each kind of rubber has different thermostable performance,some of them can not stand HT .Such as,

when NR vulcanized under HT ,the oxygen activity in rubber will be increased with temperature rising ,causing

fierce Oxidation,breaking rubber organization ,lowering physical and mechanical properties of vulcanized rubber.

Thirdly ,HT is harmful to fabric in rubber products ,exceeding 140℃,strength declines,under 240℃,4-hour-heating

will break it totally.

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