Summary of Silicone Rubber Sealing Strips

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Silicone rubber sealing strips are soft ,flexible , non-toxic and odorless,

have transparent ,smooth appearance . It has properties of good

elasticity(shore35 to75A),good resistance to temperature(-80to280 ℃),

as well as anti-aging . Also with good performance of anti-ozone,

electrical insulation ,silicone strips are commonly used for silicone

rubber glue material,filling material,and joint material in construction


Properties of Silicone Rubber Sealing Strips

1. Thermal Stability

Silicone rubber has superior heat resistance to common rubber ,almost can always work without performance

change under 150 ℃;Can used continuously 10000 hours under 200 ℃; can used some time under 350 ℃.

2. Cold Endurance

Bend point for common rubber is -20 to-30℃,while silicone rubber has good elasticity under -60 to -70℃.

Some special formulation of silicone rubber can also stand a very low temperature.

3. Insulation Property

Silicone rubber strips have high resistivity ,besides , value of resistance keeps stable over a wide temperature and

frequency range .Meanwhile, silicone rubber has good resistance to high voltage corona discharge and electrical

arc .

4. Electrical Conductivity

When adding conducting material ,silicone rubber has good electrical conductivity.

5. Fire Resistance

Silicone rubber is flammable by itself,while adding some fire retardant ,it will have properties of flame retardant and

self-extinguishing . As silicone rubber does not contain organic compounds ,it will not smoke and release poison

gas during burning.

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