Rubber Sealing Strips for Construction

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With the development of modern construction industry, traditional wooden and steel windows and doors turn to Aluminum alloy doors and Windows and plastic doors and Windows that have better outlooking and energy conservation.Window and doors of building require good adornment effect and excellent performance of heat insulation, sound insulation, dust proof and sealing. As one of the accessory of windows, elastic sealing strip has very important effects to guarantee windows with those performances.

Category of building door and windows sealings:

The main material divide into 3 categories: Rubber, Plastic and Rubber plastic blending materials. In China, the modified plastics are mainly used, like PVC, PP.

1 Rubber Material:


2. Plastics Material:

PVC: This kind of material is cheap, it has good performance of Corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, resistance to acid and alkali, and all kinds of chemical medium, flame resistance. It also has disadvantage like plasticizer transferring and will become hard to crisp, losing elastic finally. It has bad performance of anti-aging, weather resistance and low temperature resistance.

PP: PP is similar to PVC, it is used to make transparent products.

3. Rubber-Plastic blending material:







Star product of Building window and door sealing strips—EPDM strips:

1 Excellent performance of ozone resistance and oxidation resistance

2. Excellent performance of weather resistance. EPDM can be used for long term in the environment of Sunshine,damp, cold. There will not be a crack in the sun insolating for 3 years. And the Physical and mechanical properties change small.

3. Good heat resistance. EPDM can be used in 120 degree for long term. The max temperature can be 150 degree for short time.

4. Good low temperature resistance. It has good elasticity and small compression set. It has very good performance in winter of cold regions.

5. Chemical resistance: EPDM resistance to a variety of polar solutes, such as brake fluid, strong acid, strong alkali, alcohol. Nonpolar solutes resistance is poorer, such as gasoline.

6. EPDM has low density, good abrasion resistance, excellent resistance to moisture and water resistance.

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