How to Identify The Quality of Foam Strips

Date:2014-07-24View 3489 

With FIPFG technology widely used in cabinets ,electronics ,auto parts ,machinery and equipment, electrical             equipment ,protective shell ,more and more manufacturers use EPDM foam rubber seal replace traditional joint      strip, while how to judge the quality of them?
Technicians in Racer Rubber sum up some below easy methods to identify the quality of EPDM foam strips after      continuous study for coating process and experimentation.
1. Surface is uniform, fine and smooth, no foam holes or obvious scars.
2. Have independent bubble structure, cross-sectional cell distributed uniform and dense.
3. No obvious joints, even joints is very smooth and without trace.
4. Low water absorption, with good cushioning.
5. Good adhesive to strips, close to the coating surface.

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